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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Imperial International Outdoor Pool Table with Different Sizes

For those of you who loves playing pool and got large enough space on their house, consider buying one Imperial International outdoor pool table.

The outdoor pool table is a pretty good way for you to invest in furniture that can also be used for various kinds of events, with the pool table, you get to play your favorite game with your friends or family whenever you decided to throw a party or two.

Of course, there is a reason why we suggest you pick one from Imperial, if you are interested in this kind of activity, here are some things that you need to know.
Imperial International Outdoor Pool Table

Imperial International outdoor pool table guide

When you decide to buy the Imperial outdoor pool table, there are some things that you need to know and follow before you spend your money. There are various types of outdoor pool table out there, and Imperial also provides you with a wide variety of pool table products on their catalog, and each has their price range, but the most important thing is the size.

There are various pool tables with varying size, and each offers different roles, and here they are:

The regular 7-foot table

This type of pool table is also known as the bar box; that is because a pool table of this size can be seen in many bars; in fact, 99% of pool table you seen on the bars are of this size. This kind of pool table is perfect for those who just want one and rarely play.

The middle range 8-foot table

This table is also known as the tournament table, as many tournaments used mainly 8-foot table. A very flexible type of pool table, this is one of the most popular kinds of the pool table to be used on houses, this is the perfect table to buy if you want to play billiard almost intensively.

The high-end 9-foot table

It is rare to see a 9-foot outdoor pool table just because of its sheer size requires big space, but it is possible to find one. This is the kind of table to look for if you want to play this game competitively and is aiming to be a professional.

Beside the categories of pool table above, you also need to find one with the right features. If you want one something unique and affordable, we recommend you to check out the Imperial 7 non-slate outdoor pool table. This is a mid-luxury outdoor pool table that cost about around 2 thousand dollars and uses mostly aluminum as its main material.

This pool table is sturdy and highly resistant to wear and corrosion, perfect for those who wants to play the game casually or competitively. Of course, you can always search to find many pool tables with different designs and colors.

It is guaranteed that you will be able to find one that suits you the best. The Imperial International outdoor pool table is the perfect choice for your outdoor furniture.

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